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The translation agency "TRUST" invites professional translators-freelancers to work in our team. Before filling this form, read attentively our requirements.

Essential requirements for candidates:

  • Higher education (unessential linguistic, if You are specializing on translation of narrow specific texts such as medical or technical texts;
  • Experience of professional translation activity not less then 3 years. It could be experience of work in stuff or out-stuff in translation agency;
  • Specialization of any subjects;
  • Experience of working with TM-programs (Trados, Transit and so on).

We are interested in corporation only with professionals, that's why if you are concern to all these requires, you could fill this form. All filled forms saved in our data base, that's why we could call you a bit later.

Fill this form in all details it's also increases your chances. Write your full name in Russian strictly. Filling the other gaps, it's better to use Russian also. We guarantee complete confidentiality of your information.




The birth date:

enough only a year



Current working place:*

the company, the position

Mobile telephone:*

Home telephone:*

with city code

Education data

The education institution name:*

Specialization, qualification:

Additional education:

Language data

Native language:*

you could to write several languages

Language of translation:*

Write languages, that you know enough for written translation. You could write them as pairs, for example, Russian-Chinese. Write the main foreign language as first, it is the language, you know better, then the others.


for 1 text page (1800 signs with spaces)

Do you live in language environment?:

Do you live in language environment? If yes, what country and what period. Trips in period of vacations and short trips in period of mission are not necessary to mention.

Experience, specialization

The specialization fields:

The specialization fields. Write first those fields, that you know better.

Are you a translator-freelancer?:

Successful corporation experience:

Write translation agencies and the period


List TM-programs (Trados and so on), with which you work

Programs for page proof:

List working programs (FrameMaker, InDesign and so on)

Additional information:

Any other information, that you’d like to write, For example, you could mention about the experience of web-sites or programs localization. Also you could mention projects, in which you participated.

For loading of ready CV or the other documents
maximum: 5
If you have CV with all deteils, you could load it. Then I could not fill the form