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The translation agency “TRUST” - documents preparation for notarizing

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In our days such service as notarized translation becomes more and more required. As juridical as individual persons use professional translators services. Personal documents - a passport, a service record, driver's license, different certificates and business contracts should be translated into foreign language especially carefully.

That's why notarized translation of documents is worth to entrust to professionals! The translation agency "TRUST" suggests relevant qualified services, executed by graduated specialists. We translate into English, Spain, German, and the other languages in time and also we could notarize our translations. Our specialists have rich experience in this niche, and also they have perfect knowledge of foreign languages. That let them to do their work at high professional level. 

How notarized translation issued

If the documents in Russian language, first of all, we make notarized copy of the document, and after that we translate the document into necessary language, for example, Italian or French. If you have the original of the document in foreign language, firstly, it's necessary to translate it and after that notarize it.

For translation agency "TRUST" workers could execute notarized translation, a client should give the originals of document to our agency.

You should know, a notary could not certify translation, issued by the person without profile (linguistic) education and the diploma of a translator. Coming to the translation agency "TRUST," you make right decision - in our translation agency with notarizing documents only high qualified specialists with rich experience in this niche work.

Advantages of the company "TRUST"

Our translation agency is a leader in the niche of documentation translation of any type. Our advantages:

  • We have stuff and out-stuff high qualified specialists for translation from/into English, Chinese, French, Uzbek, German, Spain and the other languages,
  • Nich experience with private and juridical persons,
  • Law prices for our services,
  • High level of professionalism and execution in time,
  • Maximal exact translations, excluding mistakes,
  • Preparation for notarization of documents.

The translation agency "TRUST" workers do their work maximal seriously, strictly following to all stated by law rules and regulations while working with documents. We guarantee for our clients, that documents that should be translated into foreign language would be executed correctly and in time.

If you need in urgent preparation of documents to a foreign company, urgent notarized translation for the other purposes, feel free to contact us! Here you are able to get correct translation of your document, correctly executed and in short time.